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Survival Bracelet


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Ready for your next adventure!This survival bracelet will not let you down!

This is not an ordinary survival paracord bracelet, the features of the paracord:made of nylon and polyester, diameter 4MM, 7 cores; bracelet width 2.5 cm,length with 23cm and the length can be adjusted, it has more outdoor survival functions. It is equipped with outdoor life-saving flint, rope cutter, survival whistle and a 7-core paracord about 3.5 meters long to provide safety for your outdoor exploration.

[Survival in the Wild] The paracord used by Bear Grylls can stop bleeding, make traps, tie up temporary tents, and wear equipment to prevent loss in emergency situations. It can be used for emergency help!

A bracelet jewelry suitable for daily wear, If necessary, it can be disassembled and used as a piece of rope for trailers and first aid. The materials used are all paracord, which are the same as the ropes used in sea ships, and have the advantages of corrosion resistance and aging resistance.The diameter of the paracord is 4 mm, and the pulling force of the single rope is about 220 kg. The total length of the single-color bracelet is about 3.5 meters-3.8 meters when the parecord is disassembled, and the single rope of the two-color bracelet is about 1.8 meters. 






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