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10 pc Tarp clip set with over 32 feet of Reinforced Nylon Rope


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Look closely at these unique nylon teeth shaped clamps.  You can’t leave home without a set in each car.   Trust us- you will always find a need for these super gripping clamps.   Did you see the screw down clamping system to insure a dependable hold?

Grip the edge of your covering ( Tent, tarp, awning, boat cover, etc)  and twist the spiral thumbscrew to firmly attach to your covering.  Then securely tie the 9 ply inner core fluorescent nylon rope to the end and tie it down.  No more breaking free in the wind.

Have you ever been camping in not so ideal weather and your tenting covering is not holding up in the elements.   Well after the weekend we had, we thought to ourselves, there has to be a better way.  So, here it is….   Clamps that bite down on your coverings and the screws tightens to hold the grip.   Ideal for the camper, boater, fisherman, or outdoors-man in your life.

Our set includes 10 nylon clamps, over 32 feet of rope and a waterproof storage bag to keep them organized when not be used.    Hurry, I heard the wind is picking up….

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