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Heavy Duty Folding Anti-Theft Bicycle Lock with Storage Mounting Bracket


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【Material】- Folding Bike Lock Hardened Alloy body in ways that our locks are cut/smash/drill-resistant, highly-durable, strength and foldable in use with high security cylinder. By choosing our sophisticated Bicycle lock you are securing your bicycle, Don’t make it easy for thieves to steal your bike.


【Design】- Black Diamond Shape, Folding Bike Lock ABS Shell Avoids Friction With Bicycle Paint, 4 Joint Hardened Steel is Injected Into The Joint of 4 Joint Chains, and the Lock Cylinder Adopts Imitation Drill Cylinder Design. Use Zinc Alloy Lock Body Gives Level 9 Anti-theft Performance of Lock.


【Size】- Greatly Enlarges The Lock Space (Length: 32 in) Within The Smallest Lock Size (2.75 * 2.75 in) . The Compact Design Ensures The Cycle Lock is Compact and Easy to Carry in The Portable Bike Locker case, So You Never Have To Be Weighed Down By Uncomfortable Bike Lock Again. Weights 1.43 Pounds.


【MULTI-FUNCTION】- Folding Bicycle Lock Expand the Locking Area, More Widely Used, More Convenient, Applicable to Electric Folding Bike, Moped Motorcycles, Baby Carriages, Ladder, Barbecue Rack, Doors, Lawn Mower and Windows, etc.


【What You Get】- An Mini Bicycle U lock Chain With Special Rivets for Easy Folding. Has Long Strong Magic Strap To The Flex Frame To Better Carry The Lock, Please contact our dedicated Customer Service team.


The folding locks are probably the best way to secure the bike against the theft.


The strong steel bar discourages theft and resists cuts. Protect your property with a high-quality folding lock.


32 Inch Long Steel Bar


Can lock several bikes in the same time. It can also be used on motorcycle, electric folding bike, moped motorcycles, baby carriages, ladder, barbecue rack, doors, lawn mower and windows, etc.


Small and Easy to Carry


It can be small and handy when folded, but can also be extended in length when unfolded. Long enough to secure your bikes on solid subject like road signs, road lamp and bicycle stands.


Folding Bike Lock Specifications:

Dimension: 70 * 70 cm ( When fold) / 83cm/32" Long ( When unfolding )

Folding Bike Lock Weight: approx 1.43 lb

Folding Bike Lock Package Includes:

1 x Folding Lock

1 x Mounting Bracket

2 x Velcro Straps

2 x Number keys

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