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Do you know the seven principles of lightweight outdoor hiking equipment?
Outdoor sports often require long-term weight-bearing walking and climbing. If the weight is too heavy, it will overdraw physical strength, and it will easily damage the waist and knees for a long time. The ideal weight for hiking and mountaineering is not more than 1/4 of your own body weight, and the limit state should not be exceeded. 1/3. So, how to achieve lightweight outdoors?

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Equipment needed for fishing

Equipment needed for fishing



The longer the fishing rod, the farther the fishing line can be thrown, and the thicker the fishing rod, the bigger the fish will be.


You can choose 5-8 feet fishing rods for fishing in ponds or lakes that a little narrow, and 8-10 feet fishing rods are recommended for relatively wide piers and beaches.


Parameters on the fishing rod:

Power is the strength that the fishing rod can withstand, divided into light, medium, and heavy.


Action is the speed at the bend of the fishing rod returns to its original position after being stressed, which is divided into slow, medium and fast.


Line Weight is the strength range of the fishing line recommended by the manufacturer.


Lure Weight is the recommended lure weight range.

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